Luleburgaz Municipality Women’s Academy

Project Location : Kırıkkale / Turkey

Project Yea :  2015

Project Area : 5795 m²

Purpose Of : Women’s Academy, Nursery, Women’s Shelter.

At the scale of the project, it is aimed to design a nursery, women’s shelter and women’s academy in a field.

As the women’s academy project started, it was our starting point to embrace our mothers. We wanted to create two separate masses in our project, which is positioned towards the main street of the city, Istasyon Street.

It was designed as the area where people were first met and accepted upon entering the building through the main street by positioning the kabul Women’s Academy alan in the section facing the station. At this point, 3 different entry points have been created to meet the arrivals. The first one is the stairway axis, which we call the green staircase, which reaches the entrance of the conference hall on the 2nd floor of the women’s academy. The second is the main entrance axis called in FLOWER STREAM aye which is formed between the entrance to the multipurpose hall facing the station street direction and the foyer area, and the main mass and the second mass. Along this axis, an intermediate sheltered inner street, which is used for transportation to all the landscaping area and transportation to other units, has been formed.

On the west side of the project area, we entered the parking lot from the street and placed the nursery section in the area facing this section. Thus, we have created a separate entrance and exit area for the nursery and provided easy transportation for the users. In addition, we have provided direct access to landscaping and playgrounds created on parcel No. 2. On the ground floor, living spaces of the age groups of 3 months and 3 months were established with 3-6 age groups. At the first floor level, the management floor was planned with 7 -14 years old children. The new un ÇİÇEK STREET birinci was used to protect the children in the 3-6 age group directly from the playgrounds. Thus, both the age group of the children were met in the same building and the children’s play areas were provided.

Within the project, we have designed the Women’s Shelter, which is one of the most important areas for us, to provide access from the flower street where we have sheltered between the two units. On the ground floor, rooms were designed with management and other units, and rooms on the upper floors. Every woman is a flower and wants attention. Based on the words, we found this street to be named as ÇİÇEK STREET. In addition, the area, the street as a facade of the exhibition hall and cafeteria, Women’s Shelter to the south of the direction, was secured.

Our women are one of the most beautiful beings of nature. The places where they are located should be places where there are beautiful scents and order. For this purpose, we wanted to have plenty of green and flowers. The two masses were combined with the GREEN ROAD at the roof level and combined with the landscaping in the parcel no.

In the building air conditioning with the green roof formed within the scope of a sustainable architectural project, we aimed to make the building cool in the summer and to be warm in the winter. The rain water collected on the green water is collected and the gray water in the warehouse is delivered to the storage tank and the water required for landscaping is recovered by recycling.
In the project, the connections of the spaces with each other are designed as a whole and the users are intended to use the building together with the close environment. The location of the café, exhibition hall and multipurpose hall to be located in the south of the flower street as a second mass is designed with a special space where all users can easily be found in social interaction. In addition, a dry culvert in the second parcel was provided with a closed culvert and a conservative transfer below the landscape area.