Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Service Building

Project Location : Kayseri / Turkey

Project Year :  2014

Proje Alanı : 7020 m²

Purpose Of : Service Building

In the design phase of the project, we started to design by adopting a design idea that the citizens can live, live on, and meet their social and public needs so that the citizens can live with the chamber of commerce.
We have provided innovative architectural approaches due to the fact that there is no widespread structure in the existing area and it has a developing structure. Instead of building a classic cube building, we have recovered the green cover with ecological solutions, which will make users feel comfortable by creating occupancy spaces in the design, attracting the users with the navigation terrace, making a positive contribution to the air conditioning of the building both ecologically and the construction.
We have enabled the building to breathe by encouraging the active use of public spaces. We have encouraged service building users to move more easily in green spaces to increase business efficiency.
We have focused on 3 different entry points in the building design.
1) Main entrance; We have designed a spacious space on the main axle that will be used by the users and visitors of the building.
2) Restaurant entrance; Users have provided food in a completely independent restaurant under the roof of the Chamber of Commerce.
3) Assembly Hall entrance; On the right side of the building, we designed a section where you can enter through the route route, and also through the closed car park, you can switch to the council hall. In this way, the members of the council who came to the meeting, both on the main road line as well as access to the subway parking from the alternative we have allowed them to use.
We used the steel-reinforced concrete (mixed) system in the building’s carrier system. We used steel bearing feet and steel flooring on the top of the areas facing to the right side of the building to transport the remaining areas above the emptied areas. In terms of building, the design was taken into consideration considering the design criteria of energy efficient building. With the solar panels to be installed on the roof in accordance with the climatic data of the existing area at the stage project stage, all the weak current energy needed by the building in winter and summer is aimed to be used with the energy to be obtained from the recycling sources. In the irrigation system of the building, functional planning has been formed in order to store the gray water in the washbasins and toilets and the rain water to be collected by the channels on the roof and to be used in landscaping irrigation and toilets. When we look at the whole building, we used green weighted reflective glass on the façade of the building and mosaic composite facade cladding material in green tones, inspired by the wooded area, which is immediately opposite the design area. In the structure element surrounding the building, we used a wooden-like composite element.