Anadolu Birlik Holding Service Building

Project Location : Konya / Türkiye

Project Year :  2015

Project Area : 37.035 m²

Purpose Of : Hizmet Binası

The project is planned to be built in the area of ​​Torku sugar factories located in the center of Konya. It is located next to the campus of Agriculture and Food University which continues to be built on the land belonging to Anadolu Birlik Holding. In the area which has a shape close to the triangular form, it was requested to design a project where 500 people could work simultaneously and modular increase was possible where 1000 people could work.

While creating the design of the project, 2 objects were determined for the exit point.

First of all, we planned to use the Selcuklu star, which became the symbol of Konya province, which had been the capital of Seljuk State for years. The Seljuk star symbolizes the 8 important characteristics that a person should have. With the Seljuk star we placed at the center of our project, we considered human beings as the center and aimed to symbolize the 8 important characteristics of the employees.

Secondly, we created a transition between layers by forming a sequence with the sugar cubes, the first product that comes to mind. We have created floor plans by adapting the idea of ​​stacking cubes of candy to children.

The project consists of 15 floors and consists of 3 basement floors, ground floor and 11 normal floors. Basement floors have been used as car park, shelter, warehouse and technical volume. Ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor active units were placed. The other floors are shaped according to the needs program.