Adana Chamber of Commerce Service Building

Project Location : Adana / Turkey

Project Year :  2014

Project Area : 9310 m²

Purpose Of : Service Building

Adana Chamber of Commerce competition project is located on Turhan Cemal Beriker Boulevard which is one of the main arteries of the city. The distance to the center of the city is located on the route to the airport. The building, which is open to public use, is seen as a building that will be seen in front of the city. The land which is in a convenient position for vehicle transportation is on a crossing route as it is located on the boulevard in terms of pedestrian use. Attracting the inhabitants of the building into the building and increasing public use is one of our starting points in project design.
Adana Chamber of Commerce In line with the needs program given in the design of the service building, it is required to position the units in different functions together. In this direction, 2 mass design is planned for the city people to use public spaces more functionally, to connect the units with each other and to use them in different time periods. These masses were connected to each other at the 1st floor level and the transportation between the units was ensured. With the street formed between the two mass blocks, it is foreseen that the citymen will be integrated into the building through the building, and the users are expected to use public spaces with the semi-open exhibition hall and foyer area in front of the conference hall.
While designing the building’s fiction,
– Street perception created
– Users are enabled to use public spaces more actively
– Disabled access was considered.
In line with these main ideas, it was ensured that the functions were related to each other when creating the mass form. The facade of the building was designed in a transparent way. On the facade of the building, non-symmetrical pillars were created in the front line. The main core axis in the building mass was positioned in the middle of the two masses.
The Adana Chamber of Commerce architectural project, which accommodates the public structure as a basic need, was asked to be designed to serve different functions such as conferences, training, exhibitions, restaurants as well as office services. One of the masses created in the project setup is designed for these purposes. Recognize and understand the building by means of horizontal circulation of the building and shaping the inter-unit transition in a way
It is facilitated.
The mass on the eastern facade is designed as convex in order to make maximum use of the building’s sunlight. LOW-E insulated glass used on the facade of the building was used. Thus, the system is able to produce its own energy for recycling. The building formed between two buildings in the form of two masses was able to pass the wind through the building so that the building was air-conditioned.