5-star hotel

Project Location : Trabzon / Turkey

Project Year :  2015

Project Area : 19.800 m²

Purpose Of : 5-star hotel


The project is located on a hill just across the city of Trabzonspor, which is being built in the Akyazı neighborhood which is developing in the west of Trabzon.

The project starts at the point where the hillside area, which will be afforested, will be afforested in 10 acres of the hill overlooking the sea. The front of the building is completely open, the nature is intertwined, the sea is designed to feel under the feet.

The majority of the rooms (85%) are facing the sea according to the customer’s request. In line with the customer’s request, the hotel’s customers will come to the balcony in the design of the intermediate panels are placed in a way not to see each other. In addition, the front of the balcony with a width of 70 cm in the 70 cm thickness of the land line will be made on the landscaping work on the 5th floor with a hotel guests resting on the balcony, both side rooms without sitting on the balcony can be seen without disturbing, and green at the tip of the feet will be able to see.

While the general design of the project was done, we tried to give the appearance of a yacht to the hotel by considering the nature and the sea as a whole taking place in the design and considering the conditions brought by the land. It made this project both dynamic and made it a symbolic structure.

Suit rooms are placed on the basement floor which seems to be independent from the hotel with the idea of ​​being out of the ordinary rather than making it on every floor or roof of the hotel. It is designed for the users of 6 suites with sauna, Turkish bath, jacuzzi, living room and bedroom, each of which has large terraces, each of which is 25 m².

The lobby, meeting halls and ballroom façade on the ground floor and the basement floor are made of glass throughout the northern façade facing the sea. Thus, the people who come to the hotel to enjoy the view to live until the end is intended.